So the GBBO Final… It’s hard for us to write this blog to be honest. There are so many emotions following a emotionally charged and tense final.

So let’s go through the episode play by play


The Meringue Crown

We really thought that Andrew had it in the bag with his Queen Victoria Crown, We think that even he might have had a special feeling about it:

But alas, his creation didn’t quite have the definition the judges were looking for as well as being a little on the sweet side.

Paul eyed up Jane’s creation with a suspicious side eye:

But both Jane and Candice, however, produced some stunning meringue crowns with excellent flavours earning them BOTH a Paul Hollywood handshake

This Twitter user summed up why GBBO is a million times better than any other reality TV

But poor old Andrew was left out in the cold when it came to Paul’s handshakes, leaving him bottom of the pack at the end of the first challenge.

The Victoria Sandwich

We know a thing or two about the perfect Victoria Sandwich (Sponge?). The creaming of the ingredients is KEY, especially in creating a beautifully light and fluffy buttercream. Essentially there is nowhere to hide with a Victoria sponge, the sponge, the jam, the buttercream, the bake, everything is laid bare. It’s an extra challenge when these are the only instructions you get:

But Andrew clawed his way back into the competition with a faultless Victoria Sandwich, though Twitter had some choice words about his triumphant return to form.


The Queen’s Picnic

The most ambitious final bake ever?

Jane’s bake suffered from another collar mishap, but never fear, just slap a bit of glitter on and nobody will notice, right Jane?

Andrew went in strong, and his techniques looked incredibly pro:


His precision went next level with an excel spreadsheet:

The bakers seemed like there were on a par, with every second counting and tensions mounting:

Unfortunately his soggy bottoms let him down, despite getting a seal of approval for grandmother’s chocolate cake:


Candice won! Despite our sweepstake ticket being with Andrew we are so happy for Candice, a most deserving baker!

Not forgetting her sweet little dog:

We were so happy to see all the other bakers again though (especially Selasi)!

But it’s with a heavy heart that we wave goodbye to The Great British Bake Off:

So long to Mary, the nations grandmother:



We wish we could have been at Selasi’s Final party!

But now we can’t wait to hear about Val’s Baker holiday in Ayia Napa


Ever dreamed of competing on GBBO but lacking in the skills? Then look no further than our Obby baking classes here.

We’re also putting on a special class this Saturday recreating (kind of) the competitive environment of the tent with a bit of learning and a lot of fun. We also have an extra special Bake Off Guest Judge, the lovely Ugne! Staying tuned on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates this Saturday 29th October!