As one of British Televisions most genteel and inoffensive programmes, you might think that The Great British Bake Off has managed to avoid the controversy and drama that other shows love to court. Well my friend, settle in. Covering all seven series we have uncovered the worst Bake Off disasters so far…

Bingate aka Baked Alaska-gate (Series 5)

It was the hottest day of 2014, and whilst the bakers were trying to keep their cool, Iain Watters lost it when his Baked Alaska when into meltdown mode. In a fit of rage he binned it, presenting the actual bin to a decidedly unimpressed Paul and Mary. Probably the worst Bake Off blunder of them all.


Elbow Gate (Series 4)

Things were already not going quite to plan but Sue really (s)quashed any hope of Howard making a come back when she accidentally leant on his remaining muffins.


A Bloody Nightmare (Series 3)

Viewers thought they had tuned into Casualty during Bake Off’s Pudding Week. John’s strudel was pipped to be one of the marquees best until he sliced his finger in an unfortunate incident with an electric mixer. It was patched up but working the pastry was his undoing with his protective glove filling with blood. BBC2 aired graphic images of blood pouring down his arm and him being carted off by the on set doctor.


Bakewell Tart (Series 7)

A true British classic, the bakers were divided on the Bakewell Tart challenge. With Selasi muttering that the ‘aged’ of the bakers would triumph with the somewhat vintage recipe, Val proclaimed she made one every week. Unfortunately one Twitter user put it rather succinctly :


Dough Throwing (Series 3)

After Paul demonstrated how to properly pound one’s dough to develop the gluten, Cathryn had an unfortunate mishap. Skip to 1:00 in the video. Our favourite sound bites: ‘it’s so hairy’, ‘I’m not serving Mary Berry green carpet’ and of course Sarah-Jane pleading ‘Cathryn do you blame me?’ Cathryn’s response: ‘Completely’


Ginger Bread House of Horrors (Series 3)

James’ gingerbread barn wasn’t meant to look like almost every derelict barn in the UK but that’s how he got away with it and edged through to Star Baker that week.


Leaning Tower of Biscuits (Series 4)

Whilst many were outraged, believing that Frances shouldn’t have used stick to spear her biscuits skyward, it didn’t really matter as they collapsed anyway.


Dorret’s Black Forrest Gateau (Series 6)

Perhaps even worse than a soggy bottom is a mousse that hasn’t set. Leaving her Black Forrest Gateau sliding off the cake stand and looking like something unmentionable, Dorret was in tears. With think if cake’s could cry it would have too.


Patsy Burns Paul’s Tongue Off

We’re unsure if it was Patsy or Joanna Lumley who almost poisoned Paul with too much rising agent but in any case, with a cake that included bit of a shrub and her make up mirror (?!) we think this has to be one of the worst bakes ever!


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