Being just a little bit healthier is a goal to which many of us aspire. Indeed, healthy eating was the most popular New Years’ Resolution for 2017, with 21.3% of us resolving to make our diets’ greener. That ambition was followed by the 12.3% of us who planned to lead a healthier lifestyle. Obby wants to help you achieve your life ambitions. However, we know change doesn’t happen quickly or easily. In fact, studies suggest it takes 66 days for change to become habit.

Whether it’s your goal to transform your diet and lifestyle, or to supplement some extra natural goodness into it, Obby is here to help. Having scoured London’s best restaurants and quizzed some of the city’s top health guru’s, we’ve compiled a list of changes you can make to help your ambitions become reality.


Transform your diet and lifestyle in 66 days


You are special, and your body deserves to get all the vitamins and goodness it needs. Why not try swapping up, or supplementing, your diet with one of these regimes?


Unless you’ve been avoiding the internet, you’ve probably noticed the gluten-free diet is taking the world by storm. But why give up gluten? Gluten is a complex protein that exists in wheat and most related grains. Although a minority of people are intolerant to gluten, many of us still find the protein difficult to digest. Studies suggest going gluten-free reduces bloating and sluggishness, and boosts energy and concentration 🌞.


Sound ideal? Kick start your transition to a gluten-free diet by learning how to create a range of delicious gluten-free meals with The Avenue Cookery School’s Gluten Free Cookery Class, 9 March and 27 May, 10.30-2.30, £60, London.

Moreover, going gluten-free doesn’t spell the end for your favourite treats. Learn how to bake gluten-free cakes and tarts with Elvira’s Secret Pantry’s bespoke Gluten Free Baking class. 25 January, 9am-12pm (other dates available upon request), £130, London.



Giving up meat can lead to a higher consumption of healthy unsaturated fats, vitamins C and E, folic acid and other necessary nutrients. Moreover, evidence suggests meat-free diets promote the health of our planet. Indeed, scientists have found that greenhouse gas emissions would be cut by 63% if the world went vegetarian!

If you are making the switch, make sure you are getting enough protein. Our favourite meat-free proteins are kidney beans, quinoa and tofu!


Strapping for vitamin-filled vegan or vegetarian recipes? Have no fear: Obby is here! Our partners at Food At HeartThe Avenue Cookery School and The London Vegetarian School have you covered, with fun and fabulous classes aimed at teaching you a variety of tasty vegan or vegetarian meals.

Why not try the raw-vegan challenge to get started? Some of us at Obby have started eating completely RAW for one day a week! We already feel like we’re glowing from the inside out, since raw diets enable you to absorb the maximum vitamins and nutrients from your food. The London Vegetarian School‘s Raw Cuisine Masterclass is a great place to start your raw-food journey. They’ll teach you how to make an array of easy, delicious raw meals. 22 January, 4 March, 13 May, 10am-3pm, £159, London.

raw health


With conditions like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease on the rise, The World Health Organisation has shone a light on parts of the world with the healthiest diets. Topping the list were diets in the Mediterranean, Japan, West Africa and Scandinavia. We’ve explored the benefits of the first two.


The Mediterranean diet consists largely of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and dairy, nuts, olive oil, whole-grains, and a healthy dose of red wine🍷. With a diet like that, it’s clear the infamous Mediterranean glow is not just a product of all that vitamin D!


Why not treat yourself to a Mediterranean meal at these top London restaurants?

Alternatively, if you want to cook your own Mediterranean dishes, why not take Pencil & Fork’s 5-week Spanish cooking course? You’ll feed your stomach and your mind as you learn how to cook and speak Spanish! Running from 23 January or 24 January, 7-9pm, £239, Greater London.


You could also join The London Paella School and learn to cook an authentic Valenciana-style Paella. Delicious 😃! 6 February and 6 March, 6.30-9.30pm, £55, London.

Health Paella



The Japanese diet is rich in unprocessed carbohydrates, raw and cooked fish, vegetables, select meats and a high consumption of water and teas. Nutritionists’ suggest the Japanese diet is the key to a longer, healthier life: with Japan hosting one of the world’s highest life expectancy.

Kouzu, a high-end Japanese Restaurant in Belgravia, has teamed up with Obby to help bring Japanese cuisine into your home. Join them in their Sushi and Cocktail making masterclass 🍣🍹. Who ever said transitioning to healthy-eating had to be dull?! Every saturday, 12-3pm, £52.50.

Health sushi


We all know leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t stop with our diet. Beyond obtaining the necessary sleep and exercise, why not ensure the products you put on your skin are just as natural as what you consume?health life

Clean Beauty Co, the true pioneers of natural beauty in the UK, are offering you the chance to learn how to make your own natural beauty products.Their workshop will teach you how to make your very own scrub, moisturiser, toner and hair oil using 100% organic, natural ingredients. And, you’ll take your 4 hand-made products home with you! 18 February and 18 March, 2-5pm, £50, London.


What are you waiting for? Join the Obby community and focus for just 66 days, to make 2017 your healthiest year yet! 🎉🍏💁